A smart home is a more functional home and such a home makes life a lot more interesting. It is always a cool thing to return to a functional home after each day at work. Transforming your home to a smart home may cost you some money, but you will always get good value for money.  A smart home is designed to help you manage every device installed in your home from one place, which can be your Smartphone.  This write-up will serve as your YourSmartHomeGuide so that you can better understand how to transform your home to a smart home in no time.

Smart irrigation

Water is undoubtedly one of the most important resources for human life aside from oxygen.  You can install a smart irrigation system in your home that can help control water usage in the home from a single source, which can be your Smartphone.  The smart irrigation system can help to wet your lawn when required or water your garden.  This will ensure that the plants get adequate water to help keep them vibrant and healthy. What is more, you can control the activities of the smart irrigation system even if you are not at home; it only requires tapping on certain controls on your Smartphone.

The water management function of the smart irrigation system also deserves a mentioned in this YourSmartHomeGuide.


Smart carbon monoxide detectors

The smart carbon monoxide detector is designed to detect smoke on time before things get out of hand. The detector can help prevent fire outbreak or detect fire outbreak fast for timely control.  You will find the smart smoke detector to be more functional than the conventional smoke detector, which many think is dumb considering the incomparable features of the smart smoke detector.  The smart smoke detector will not only sound an alarm like a conventional smoke detector, but will also send an alert to your mobile device.  You can preset whom you want to be informed about the fire outbreak during the setup process.  The alert will inform any one you have thus preset, including the fire fighters.

Multi-room audio systems

You can equally install highly sophisticated multi-room speaker system in your home to transform the home to a smart home.  You can get products like Denon, Yamaha and Sonos for this purpose.  You can drop the speakers in different rooms in your home and this makes it possible to stream music in any of the rooms. You can either stream music from the internet or from your personal collections.  The music streaming will be in sync and you can also manage how the music streaming is delivered to each of the rooms.  This tool makes it possible to improve your movie- and TV-watching experiences at home.