Wedding Invitations

In India, weddings are a grand affair, with lots of pomp and aplomb. People spend a hundred thousands of money to make this one-time event a memorable and lifetime experience. If there is a wedding in your house, you might be busy in choosing the best outfits, venues and caterers for the event, but have you thought about bringing the same grandeur to your wedding invitations as well? Sound a bit weird, but wedding invitation is like a movie trailer that allures your guest to attend the main functions. Naturally, it has to be the best as well. If you are looking forward to choosing wedding invitations for yourself, these ideas can help you.



No ‘shubh’ news can be spilt out without some sweetness. Prepare an assorted hamper of choicest sweets like Kaju katli, dry fruit sweets, ladoo, etc., and send a wedding invitation filled with some sugary love. You can add a small message to make them feel special and valued. However, while selecting sweets, ensure that it does not get spoiled or spills over in the box.


Sweets are great, but chocolates are trendy. You can send a lovely wedding invitation with wedding favour chocolate boxes that has your love and affinity packed in it. You can prepare personalised chocolate wedding favours for your guests with an assortment of chocolates that is rich in looks and your love. Moreover, it would help if you also consider the season while sending chocolates across. Summers can melt the chocolates spoiling the wedding invitation.



Nothing can feel more heavenly and attractive than opening a wedding invitation laced with a waft of perfume. Aromas reflect royalty, elegant and rich taste. You can choose small bottles of different fragrance to pack with the wedding invitation. It could be perfumed from fresh flowers or imported scents from abroad. You can also match it with the theme of your wedding. If your wedding style is going to be contemporary, you can choose the French flavours of perfumes, something that gives an international feel to your guest. Alternately, if you are planning a ‘desi’ wedding, you can opt for flower scents like mogra, rose, chameli, etc.

4.Dry fruits

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are a sign of opulence and richness, and that is why it is one of the best gifts you can send to your guest with your wedding invitation. With dry fruits, you need not worry if it will get spoiled or spillover. You can just buy attractive looking pouches in glittering colours and fill them with dry fruits.


It is always great to send a thoughtful gift with your wedding invitation. A sapling is probably the best item you can give to your guest with the wedding invitation, owing to the current natural phenomenon in the world. You can provide them with a flower sapling, such as rose or else a multi-purpose one like an aloe-Vera plant.

Wedding is a one-time affair which is why you must plan for it in the best way. While you make sure to choose the best caterer and decoration in your wedding so that your guest enjoy, also ensure that your guests love your wedding invitation with the help of these 5 wedding invitation ideas.