The current pandemic of the novel corona virus is a scary situation. This is mainly because of the rapid spread of the viral disease on one side and on the other, the fact that there is no medicine for this disease that is found to be working for it.

There is no single and effective medicine or vaccine against the novel corona virus infection. This leaves us with no other option other than to be preventive and cautious. In this case, prevention is not better than cure, it is the only cure that is available so far.

When I mention prevention, it mainly includes staying safe and indoors, maintaining personal hygiene, going out only if necessary and maintaining social distancing and wearing protective respiratory masks while you are going out etc. 

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Some maintenance tips 

While using the reusable masks follow these guidelines. They are compiled from the care and maintenance instructions of cloth masks given by the California Department of General health.

  • Regular cleaning of the masks is preferable, after every use is recommended.
  • It is important to have separate masks exclusive for each member of the family. It should not be used interchangeably.
  • You can have 2 or 3 set of masks for each member so that when one is used once they can be kept aside for laundering and go on to use the next.
  • Washing the masks immediately after use in hot water is very effective.
  • You should use hand sanitizers or wash your hands both before and after touching the face masks.
  • Your face mask should cover your nose and mouth properly and it should fit you snugly. So, discard it if the strings or the ties have become lose.

Disinfecting your reusable masks 

It is very important that you wash your masks in hot water and detergent and dry them in sun or in the hot cycle of the washing machine. This process removes any pathogen from it and is ready for the next use.

Washing the masks after every use is recommended by the public health department. Also try to wash them separately because you do not want the germs or droplets from mouth or nose trapped in there to spread to all the other normal cloths.

All the governments internationally and the healthcare systems together are fighting against the novel corona virus. As general public we all should follow certain personal discipline and play our part of the game well, so that we all can come out of this situation quickly.