Install Your New Wipers

When it’s time to replace your windshield wipers, replace them yourself for easy DIY maintenance. Use a VIN lookup free tool to find the ideal size and type of wipers for your vehicle and follow these steps to replace your windshield wipers and enjoy restored vision.

Select the Proper Size

Vehicles use a wide range of wiper blade lengths. Some vehicles have irregular or uneven sizes, while others have more standard, balanced wipers. All brands and types of wipers come in many sizes. What size windshield wipers do I need? There are two ways to confirm the correct size of wipers.

First, measure your current wiper blades. Replacement blades are categorized by their length, so if you have the length of both blades you can correctly find a new pair. Hold them up to your old wipers to confirm they are the same size before installing them.

Another easy way to shop for windshield wiper blades is to refer to your owner’s manual or a local auto store catalog. Your make and model of vehicle will show them the exact length of wiper blades you need, so you don’t have to bother with carefully measuring each blade. Windshield wiper blades come in three basic types:

  • Conventional
  • Beam
  • Hybrid

There are pros and cons to each type, so choose the option that best fits your type of driving and your climate. Beam blades are a premium option for all-weather performance, but conventional blades are affordable and reliable for light use.


Remove Old Wiper Blades

Removing your old blades is the most difficult step, but is easy enough once you determine the type of latch system your vehicle uses. Wiper blades are connected to wiper arms with a few different types of latches. You shouldn’t need any tools to remove the blades, but it can take some elbow grease.

Many blades simply require you to pinch at the connector and pull. Another common connector uses a small tab that you must pull to slide the blades off the loop on the connector arm.

Install Your New Wipers

After removing old wiper blades, simply slide the new blades on. Be sure they click firmly on your windshield wiper arms. Double-check the left arm and right arm positioning and replace the blades correctly. Gently lower the arms and see how they settle against your windshield.

Test Out Your Work

Now it’s time to turn on your wipers and test out your work. Try them out before you leave to be sure they are securely attached to your wiper arms. Some windshield wipers come with an optimizer pad or cloth, which is a helpful cleaning step to be sure your wipers are fresh and ready to go.

Learn More About Selecting Windshield Wipers

Select the best wiper blades online and enjoy low costs and a wide range of options. Compare the best brands and types of wipers and choose the correct size for your vehicle. Save money by easily changing your own windshield wipers and enjoy brand-new performance and safety during rainstorms and heavy snowfall.