Coronavirus – Is there any drug to treat?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people all around the world facing various issues like homeless, economic issues etc. But still, we don’t have the right treatment for the coronavirus. Only preventive measures advised to the people to keep away from the coronavirus. The preventive measures include wearing masks and using the hand sanitizer. It becomes mandatory for many countries. Also, they are testing various drugs against COVID-19 patients to check whether they suppress the virus. One of the approved drugs is favipiravir intermediate that is in the process of production.

Many would have misassumption about the causes of the coronavirus. The coronavirus is caused by the family of viruses called Coronaviridae. So antibiotics do not work against the viruses as it is not caused by the bacteria. When people become ill with the COVID-19 develop a bacterial infection as a complication. At this time, the healthcare provider suggests antibiotics. To treat the coronavirus you need the anti-viral drug like favipiravir intermediate. Still, there is no licensed medication to cure the coronavirus disease. You have to follow the healthofficial’s suggestions until you get the licensed medication.

Favipiravir – Approved against COVID-19

If you have the mild and moderate symptoms, you can treat it quickly with the right drugs. While several drug trials are ongoing, there are no proper results found for treating against the COVID-19. There is no evidence that hydroxychloroquine or any other drugs cure the coronavirus disease. If you misuse the drugs, then it might cause various side effects, and sometime it might even lead to death. WHO is coordinating efforts to develop to treat COVID-19.

It also not means that coronavirus will stay in your life forever. Most of them can recover and eliminate the virus from their body. When you assume that you have the symptoms of the coronavirus, ensure that you treat the symptoms. If you have the symptoms of cold, cough, difficulty breathing take the help from the medical care. Due to the increased pressure for the global pandemic, many countries have started to test the existing antiviral drugs on humans. Some drugs like favipiravir gives the positive results to treat the patients. So, they started the production of drugs, but anyone not given the assurance it will cure the disease 100 percent. As like many drugs it might not work for all the COVID-19 patients.Thus, keep yourselves safe and protect from the deadly coronavirus.