Interested In The Know-How Of The Stock Market? Check Out These Stock Market Courses!

If the stock market is your area of interest then these trending stock market courses will teach all you need to know to be a stock market trader. Skip the agent and teach yourself how to invest in the stock market.

Features of stock market courses:

These courses are offered by traders who trade in real-time with real money. Therefore, their courses are centred on the practical conditions of the market instead of just theory. They provide classes on live-trading, account statements and curriculum vitae. It will have good structure and paints the real picture of trading.

Here are some good stock market courses for those who want to know how to trade in the stock market.

1. Weekly money multiplier: it has multiple options for the beginners. It is offered by Nathan Bear. He takes time to ensure that his students understand the lesson well. He shares his trading account through screen share to give live examples instead of teaching the theoretical part of stock trading. There are ample resources such as blog posts and videos to simplify the topics. He teaches swing trading and day trading options. His platform also provides real-time alert, comprehensive educational material and weekly live education.

Stock Market Courses

2. Financial Markets by Yale University offered by Coursera: the creator of this trending online course is Robert Shiller. He is currently a professor of Economics at Yale University. One can learn several aspects of the stock market such as inflation, pricing, forecasting, insurance, real-world functional security. One will learn about selling strategies, trading, and investing and forex trade.

Some other topics that are included in this course are as follows:

1. Technical analysis concepts

2. Return on assets, corporation and non-profits

3. Wealth and poverty

4. Fund volatility

5. Dividend income stock

6. Financial theory

7. Profit margin

8. Return on equity

9. Interest coverage

10. Line charts

3. Jason Bond Picks: Created by Jason Bond, his course covers trading penny stocks. The students have access to Jason’s vault, learning centre, live scanner and an e-book that is a comprehensive compilation of various aspects of Stock Trading.

Investing in Stocks: this course was created, Steve Ballinger. He is a millionaire investor and has taught more than 166k students across the world. The course aims to help beginners in stock market trading understand the fundamental concepts such as investing in mutual funds, ETF etc. There are two downloadable resources with lifetime access, certificate and on-demand videos.

The course aims to teach several subjects related to stock market such as:

1. Categories in stock market investing

2. Risks in the stock market

3. Risk types

4. Investing strategies

5. Evaluation of stock ratios

6. Technical analysis

7. Fundamentals of investing