It’s cheaper to buy electronics from a pawn shop that to buy brand new ones.

What is the most pawned items in the world?  If you have been in a pawnshop you may have seen miscellaneous items filling shelves and cases. Pawnbrokers take anything of value that they know they can quickly sell. There are a couple of items that pawnbrokers absolutely love. If you are thinking of visiting some pawnbrokers Brisbane, here are some items you are sure to find:


Jewellery is an obvious choice. Most pawnshops love to display the glittering gold jewellery that customers bring in. Jewellery is a popular choice for most pawn brokers because it is easy to sell and it is always in demand. A lot of people bring their gold jewellery to get pawn loans or they just choose to sell it outright. When you pawn your jewellery, you want to make sure that you get the best, most competitive price. And Brisbane has a lot of pawn shops and gold buyers who want to buy unwanted or unused gold jewellery.

Old Coins

Old gold coins are big sellers. However, not all pawn brokers drool over coins because they may not know what to do with them. Coin collectors are less likely to go shopping for rare coin collections in a pawnshop but there have been some people who have been pleasantly surprised by what they have been able to find. Gold bullion coins are big ticket items because their value does not just depend on the gold content but there is also a numismatic value that collectors would be willing to pay for. Pawnbrokers Brisbane will have this in mind when making an offer on your gold coin collection.



Pawn shops also like electronics. They could be Televisions cellphones, gaming consoles, kitchen gadgets. This is because there is always a market for such products. You could sell your gadget and appliances to a pawn broker to make space for something new in your kitchen or to update your phone to something new.  Your old devices can turn out to be just what someone needs for their own home. It’s cheaper to buy electronics from a pawn shop that to buy brand new ones.

Musical Instruments

There are a couple of pawnshops that sell guitars, drum sets, saxophones and other musical instruments. You can pawn or sell your musical instruments and get great money for it. Your old instruments can help kick-start someone’s musical journey. Brand new musical instruments can cost a pretty penny but a pawn shops gives budding musicians a chance to learn new skills.

Toys, games and memorabilia

Sometimes pawnshops have sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia and other kinds of memorabilia that they accept from customers to resell. If you are wondering how you can get rid of your old toys and make some money in the process. You should take your toys to a pawnshop. Old collectable toys and memorabilia can be worth a lot of money. However, selling your old toys that take up space in your garage and gather dust to a pawn shop, means you’ll be helping a parent give their little boy or girl a some joy without them having to break the bank.

However, gold jewellery is absolutely on the top of the list of what Brisbane Pawnbrokers love as jewellery holds intrinsic value and there is always a market to sell it into.