Swimming Lessons For Kids

When a topic like swimming props up, there is always confusion as is it really necessary to learn it, or is it just a mere addition to an individual’s skill set. The fact is more than 320000 people die of drowning each year throughout the world. And hence swimming lessons for kids is truly a survival skill. Like many other skills that are better learned as a kid, it is easier to learn swimming as a child, thus increasing the chances of survival in a mishap. Various institutions provide curated swimming lessons for kids.

The research by prominent medical schools show the following carefully to be taken while introducing swimming to kids:

  • Age

Studies have shown that a kid’s ability to learn skills like swimming, cycling, etc. requires balancing, and following directions are developed only by four. Basic skills like breathing in water, paddling, etc. can be introduced.

  • Safe environment

Though swimming is a life-saving skill, various incidents of mishaps occur due to negligence while training. Care should be taken that the pool or water body utilized for training is safe for kids and is not too deep. The hygiene levels of the water body must be kept at the mark. First aid kits must be kept handy in case of any casualty.

  • Parent supervision

Parents must not completely rely on the coach for the child’s safety. Though most centers take adequate care and measures, the parents should keep an eye on the child during the training.

Swimming Lessons For Kids

  • Trained coach

The coach training your kid must be a trained professional who has experience in training kids. Training is about knowing the skill and passing it on and understanding the kid’s requirements, abilities, fears, etc. and modifying the training accordingly. Thus a trained coach is a must for your kid to learn efficiently.

  • Individual attention

Though basic demonstrations can be given to a batch of students, the kids should be provided individual attention and care during the practical application. Lack of attention can cause serious casualties or even prove fatal. 

Floating aids In swimming

Floating aids must be used for beginners, and the reliance on it can be eventually eliminated as the kid learns. Just as every child does not have the same reading ability or dancing skills, swimming is a learning process, and each kid has their ability and pace. So your kid should not be pressurized to follow a certain pace. 

Dealing with Hydrophobia

The fear of water should not intervene in the swimming learning process. Gradually introducing water, making the learning process fun, or consulting an efficient psychologist in extreme cases can help.

All the above measures should be kept in mind during the introduction of a swimming lesson for kids.