What Do You Need To Know About Melanotan Injections?

The body of an individual requires various changes that take place at different stages of body transformation. It thus becomes essential to experience all the changes and know about them in detail. The use of melanotan injections is increasing with time. They are a form of synthetic hormones released into the skin by the use of injections and other forms for stimulation of the pigment cells inside the body for the production of melanin in huge amounts. This hormone is injected inside the body to give a tan effect and for the body to look smoother and attractive.

How does melanotan work?

The melanotan injections can replicate the functioning of melanocortin peptides, which usually occur naturally. They help boost the immune of the body and help in the pigmentation of the body, sexual arousals, and a few other biological processes and inflammation. Besides, it helps the body increase the reaction to all kinds of exposure to the UV rays carried out in a completely secure and organic way. Thus, it is the perfect solution for supercharging the skin, which will allow the body to heal quickly from all the kinds of damage done to the skin from tanning in very little time. The fraction of risk involved in this process is also very less. Research suggests that it suits best for the fair skin types that fall in the categories of Fitzpatrick Skin Type categories 1 and 2.

melanotan injections

Benefits of melanotan

Some great benefits of melanotan injections include the following:

  • Minimum exposure to UV helps individuals reduce the period which a person would normally spend on tanning. It will later also reduce exposure to sunlight for a person to get the perfect tan shade which they require
  • It protects the skin from damages: the skin is deeply pigmented through each layer of the skin, which will help the body of an individual get the tan faster. This is because of the response of the skin for the protection against the damage which could have been done by UV
  • Quicker and a long-lasting tan: the natural tan on an individual’s body usually fade away in a few days. However, the Melanotan allows an individual to enjoy the tan as per their requirement for at least 2-3 months without any exposure to the sun even if the individual stops using it

Price of the injections

These melanotan injections vary from each other in prices. Each kit has a different price to the other available in the market. This is because of the duration each kit gives to the individuals and the present volume. The basic price range starts from € 4.00

for the sterile water ampoules and goes up to € 49.99 for the nasal kits and other starter packs available in the market.

Thus, buying these injections is a good option to save time and get a good looking body altogether.