Technology has a lot to offer to mankind, it changes the way to connect and deal with other people. Especially these days, people prefer to stay at home to ensure their safety and do the work online. Almost everything can now be done online, from homework and research. To business meetings, and many more. With the arrival of the internet, it is now easier to connect with different people all over the world. With this people are using various online virtual training platforms. 

What is Virtual Training?           

            Virtual training has become an important part of today’s learning environment. Modern technologies allow people to make remote learning more engaging than ever. Learning that is moderated by a computer is what virtual training means. This can be done in various ways. The instructor links to the students through a video conferencing app. There are also several tools that are available to use online. Like quiz apps, virtual whiteboards, that will match this type of learning. Virtual training consists of different virtual reality applications. That sets learners into a 3D environment.

Some Benefits of Virtual Training:

  • Asynchronous Conversations
  • You can be a part of any discussion so you can have your points known and be heard by others. So the learners will have the chance to more deeply express what they mean. And reflect on their learning materials.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • You can now study when it is most available and convenient for you with virtual learning. That makes a perfect choice for adult learners that are already in the workforce.
  • Immediate Feedback
  • An electronic format means that there are a lot of types of assessments. Can be categorized automatically. Such as in an interactive video, this can help strengthen learning right away. 

Best Online Virtual Training Platforms

  1. EdApp- has several features that make it on the top. For example, the feature of Real Rewards lets course creators easily award learners. With various gifts in the real world. You can reward your learners with vouchers for the App Store, Uber Eats. Amazon, or any other electronic gift. It binds in easily with its gamified platform and its virtual currency. You can turn to an old corporate training program. Into a thrilled and exciting virtual learning environment.
  1. Vedamo- is another virtual classroom platform for handling online classes. It is browser-based and focuses on online tutoring in a virtual classroom. That doesn’t need any plug-ins. It has a lot of tools that come with it, such as breakout rooms, an online whiteboard, and screen sharing. It also integrates well with Google, Canvas, and Moodle. Yet, bugs usually show when new features are established.
  1. Velpic- is another virtual training platform. Velpic has good video editing capabilities and has an instinctive user interface. It lets users immerse themselves and watch 3D videos. In the environment with the correct viewing devices. You can check it without hassle since it has a free trial.
  1. ezTalks Meetings- is another famous Learning Management System and virtual training program. It includes instant messaging, high-definition videos for online collaboration. Also, easy screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard. It has multi-language support and is compatible with all devices.
  1. BigBlueButton- is open-source software, unlike the others. It supports sharing files and desktops. Also an interactive whiteboard, and up to 15 simultaneous webcams.
  1. Zoom- is a great online platform that is widely used nowadays. Its key features include conferencing, social relations, and personal meeting rooms. Also teleconferencing, telecommuting, and distance education. Zoom has over 300 million daily meetings hosted on its platform.
  1. Google Meet- was known before as Hangouts Meet. Google Meet offers secure video meetings for organizations and teams. Participants can join breakout rooms, raise their hands. And can also share their screens.
  1. Microsoft Teams- is a business communication platform. Generated as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Users can host virtual events, video conferences, and audio conferencing with Microsoft Teams.

These are just some of the most commonly used platforms. In online virtual training out there. Most have common features, yet it is guaranteed that these platforms are very useful.