Interior designing

Who will not like to live in big houses? Who will not like to feel like leaving in a spacious house even though actually it is not spacious? Due to many reasons not everyone can buy big house. Does that mean that the people living in small house have to sacrifice their entire dream about living in a beautiful house? The answer is no, you just need to think little and you can turn your small house to be a stylish place, have guests, and do all thing which you love to do in your house. If you need help on the ideas for small house interior design Singapore then the best designers whom you can reach out it is Zenith Arc interior designing company.

Small house interior designing does not mean that you will be filling your house with furniture’s instead it is creating more space in the house. Here you just have to think if the current using space for something can it be used for multipurpose.

Few ideas for space saving

Mirrors: The best items which will make your living room look more spacious. Mirrors are very easy to get and there not much to be spent on fixing it. You just need to place in correct angle so that the light reflects in the entire living room. One thing you should keep in mind while buying the mirror is the design or style of the mirror.

Interior designing

Glass tables: Through glass tables you will able to see the floor clearly and that makes you feel that there is large space in the room. In fact you can also use the bottom floor for some other purpose.

Light paint colours: When you are selecting the paint colours, always opt for the lighter ones because the light reflects better in the light colours. Also having same colour in the complete house looks very evenly.

Built in storage: Remember the house when you seen it for the first time. It was all spacious; you can have the same feel if you built the storage units. Most of your belonging will be hiding inside the storage unit instead of littering outside.

Furniture size: Opt for the correct furniture size instead of the bulky furniture’s. Always remember to buy the sofa which has bottom free space. Like stools chairs and dining tables try to buy the ones which are flexible to move and which can be pulled together and can be take to pieces as and when required.

Plants: Buy such plats which can be hanged on the top or placed on the wall. In such cases we can avoid the space used by the plant pots.

Hope this little information will help you to build your dream house with the limited place you have.