fully furnished apartment in hong kong

Nothing beats enjoying the delicious dim-sum, skyscraper buildings, and steeped culture of Hong Kong. When this year was all about Pandemic, lockdown, global crisis, and whatnot, the need for vacation looks like an obligation. Planning a trip or a weekend stay in Hong Kong? This post will guide you on luxury serviced apartment hong kong to make your stay more comfortable.

Hong Kong is all about tourism and many international people residing there. While the hotel industry is becoming less flexible, serviced apartments are establishing their brand by marking flexibility, convenience, and ultimate hospitality as their premium concerns.

With Luxurious Space, Lavish Furniture, and Contemporary design, a fully furnished apartment in hong kong serves as one spot solution for all your requirements- CCTV, WIFI, Metro station within a mile, and tons of other features. Now, serviced apartments are the number 1 choice for people moving to Hong Kong who want to explore on their terms.

All you need to know about Serviced Apartments: From Amenities to Risks. From security to service 

Serviced apartments have gained prodigious attention in these years. With millennials travelling to different locations, the ultimate hospitality segment lures many guests. A fully furnished unit available for long and short stays offers convenience to guests to move in whenever they want.

fully furnished apartment in hong kong

Fully furnished apartments and serviced apartments might sound similar but there’s much more than furniture and luxury to serviced apartments.

  1. Apart from the equipped kitchen, washing machine, jacuzzi in the bathroom, and modest housekeeping, they offer more privacy than any hotel room. In a serviced apartment, one has flexibility- to come and go whenever they want, use the kitchen without worrying about 3 pm in the night, and do whatever you wish in the enclosed luxurious territory of 4 walls.
  2. Still thinking about why people choose serviced apartments over apartments, rental flats, and hotels? One of the reasons is affordability. As a serviced apartment comes as a combo package with all the appliances like oven, geyser, kitchenware, gas stover, and dinner set, the cost of ordering food and buying equipment is relatively extremely less.
  3. Known by the sobriquet of “Home away from Home” serviced apartment offers affordable corporate housing. A serviced apartment offers long-term stays, the option to bring your pet, affordability, and is available at central locations. What else one could need for a perfect vacay?

The Internet brought us all together. Now, with one click one can reach another corner of the world easily. To book your serviced apartment, call any estate agent and considering factors like location, price, security and privacy, service, and furnishing book your serviced apartment of choice. Pick the right estate by comparing prices and researching reviews. Voila! A luxurious abode is waiting for you at your dream location.