Let’s begin our examination of the top Forex traders to follow by looking at George Soros, one of the most renowned emblems of good fortune in Forex trading. “Who is the greatest Forex trader?” we could wonder. On practically every list, Soros’ name would be near the top.

Mr. Soros is regarded as one of history’s most successful investors. He cemented his image as a master money manager by allegedly making more than £1 billion from a pound sterling short bet. He was able to pull it off before Black Wednesday, September 16, 1992.

Britain was a member of the Exchange Rate Mechanism at the time (ERM). The government was compelled to intervene if the value of the pound fell below a certain threshold against the Deutsche Mark under this system.

Soros was successful in predicting that the Bank of England (BoE) would be susceptible due to a set of conditions, which included higher-than-average interest rates in the UK and a less-than-desirable rate at which Britain had become a member of the ERM.

George Soros

We are confident that everyone alive in the twenty-first century has heard about the presence of the man who broke the Bank of England, the world’s most powerful man with an estimated net worth of $8 billion.

Geoge Soros has not used any day trading or scalping techniques. Most of his trades took a long time to complete. He founded Quantum fund and was able to generate consistent income over a long period of time by trying out a number of tactics that work.

Bill Lipschutz

After reading this essay, the only thing you should do is follow Lipschutz’s journey to learn how to be a good Forex trader.

Hathersage Capital Management’s co-founder and former director has acquired millions of followers by successfully turning a $12,000 inheritance from his grandmother into billions of dollars, enabling Salomon Brothers to make $300 million every year.

Bill Lipschutz’s net worth is unknown, although he is unquestionably one of the top Forex traders in the world.

Andrew Krieger

Andrew is without a doubt among the world’s most successful Forex traders. At the age of 32, he was a young entrepreneur who focused on the currencies increasing against the dollar after the Black Monday disaster. Krieger had a fantastic opportunity to profit from the situation.

He has made hundreds of millions of dollars by taking a short position against the New Zealand dollar, far exceeding the country’s whole supply.

b capital forex trading

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Jones, an american investor and hedge fund manager is famous for having the best investment returns.

Things began to move quickly in the year 2013, he placed a massive wager against the Yen, the Japanese currency. He was able to achieve a return rate of about 20%, making him one of the world’s wealthiest Forex traders because of the short selling that he made.

Bruce Kovner

Bruce didn’t make his first Forex trade until he was more than 30 years old. Investing in the appropriate futures contracts led to several six-figure earnings. He was a former cab driver turned billionaire and one of the best in the forex business. He is a firm believer that with commitment and hard work, everyone can achieve their goals.

Stanley Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller grew up in a suburban region and is a good proof that where you come from should not have an effect on your ability to execute a proven technique. The appropriate mindset paired with a great trading lifestyle can have a great impact on your goals.

He was the one managing George Soros’ money which had a huge part of his trading career. Having a net worth just short of $5 billion coupled with years of experience, he is now managing money through a family office.