Men have always kept the skin care simple. Some are into more care of skin to make it healthierwhich has increased the perspective of skin care. The Clarins gives good amount of the skin care routines which could help to take utmost care of the largest organ in the body. There is key difference between men and women as men skin thicker than women but the basic structure is one and the same for men and women.

Skin types:

At Clarins it is suggested to understand the skin types first before using any products .

  • Oily skin which is considered to be greasy and shiny type
  • Dry Skin which is considered to be itchy,rough and flaky
  • Sensitive Skin is considered to be sensitive and causes burning in skin
  • Combination skin is considered to be the dry skin some areas and oily in some areas
  • Normal skin which is considered to be normal, clear and non-sensitive to any of the products.

Hence understanding the skin type will help one to choose right product for right skin type.

Skin Care routines:

In the face care for men following skin care routines are highly recommended by the skin specialists.

Ingredients and Product label:The product the one chooses will always depends on the skin care type. If the skin is acne, then it is better to choose cleansers and moisturizes which say oil free or non-come dogenic which will not clog the pores of the skin. If the skin is sensitive use non fragrance products as the fragrance can cause irritation or dryness to skin. One should be careful in choosing as the products show unscented but might contain masked fragrances which can create allergy to the skin.

Wash the face daily after exercise:The best face care for men is to wash the face with mild facial cleansers with luck warm water after exercise this wont effect the skin texture.

Moisturize the face daily: The skin looks brighter and younger if constant moisturizing occurs as it will trap the water in skin keeping it hydrated the best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after bating or shaving when the skin is really damp condition

Checking the skin regularly: The warning of skin cancer is most important which has indication of new spots itching bleeding and change in color men over aged have more risk of such factors however when diagnosed early it is well treatable


Skin being the largest organ of the body it is very much important to take utmost care of it. Constant care can make it more and more healthy, smooth and skin cancer free. One should keep the skin in toned manner better looks andhealthier.