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Buying a new TV is a fun way to have fun in your living room, but with a TV, the job is far from over. You will also need to figure out where to put it, and a TV stand is one of the best ways to show off your new TV.

However, there are several key factors to consider when choosing a TV stand, including:

  • Size and height of both
  • TV stand design
  • Material from which it is built
  • Mobility
  • Entertainment shelves

Find the perfect size

It doesn’t matter if you go for Plasma, LCD or OLED, media size will always matter. Most of today’s purchases will start with flat screens, but for those still buying traditional CRT TVs, keep in mind that they need to be deeper than the TV to accommodate the TV. However, almost all modern TVs are equipped with flat screens, so you just need a wide enough stand.

As a general rule, buy a stand that is at least as wide as the diagonal of your TV. For example, if you bought a 50 “HDTV, buy a 50” wide TV stand. Not only will it match your TV, but your stand will also look stylish.

Finally, regarding the height of the TV stand, ideally the center half of the TV should be flush with your eyes when watching TV. So when determining the height of your TV stands, think about the seats you will be using.

cheap tv console singapore

Features of the design of the TV stand

You might want to find uniquely designed TV stands to spice up your bedroom. If so, then there are great TV corner mounts that allow you to place your TV in the corner of a room thanks to the unique rectangular design that makes the room feel more spacious.

For minimalists, a simple TV stand like a platform stand can be a stylish way to draw attention to a new TV. Plus, for those who don’t want to turn the TV into a room’s main attraction, TV stands with booths and cupboards are a great way to make it look more like a large piece of furniture than purely functional.

TV stand design

In many ways, the choice of materials for your TV stand is a matter of appearance, not functionality. Wood, metal and glass are perfectly durable here, so choose the one that best suits your interior design theme.


If you have a large room or enjoy watching TV from different locations, mobility can affect your purchase. For example, if you need to look from a different angle due to ambient sunlight, a TV stand with a hinge can be extremely useful.

Entertainment shelves 

Finally, when shopping for a new cheap tv console singapore, think about your media library. For added convenience, it is very useful to purchase a stand that will comfortably house all your movies, games and music.