Examinations always seem to be a nightmare for all. It is exhausting when you have to accomplish certain sets of questions in a said time. But appearing for any competitive exam for the first time is indeed daunting. But definitely, you need to shield yourself from every angle. The best way to arm yourself is to revise the questions of previous years.

AIIMS is one of the challenging exams faced every year. Eminent students who had made the best scores always come up with a suggestion to go through the solved papers.

For further information, just go through the following subheads.

 An authentic way to solve:

Practice always put your skill to the actual test. Therefore, it is imperative to continue practice from AIIMS solved question paper. As you are planning to appear for JEE Mains as well as Advance, just evaluate your self-ability. More and more practice will let you stand the test of time. Moreover, you will be able to figure out the odds that might abstain you from scoring.

Sometimes, students are led by fallacy especially when it comes to selecting the question papers. At times, you miss out the important ones. But practice will let you make a checklist of common questions.

Again this will make you discard the unimportant ones. This will help you combat the shortcomings and ameliorate your performance.

Experts will always suggest rereading each of the questions several times. This will let you comprehend the rephrased or transformed questions. Thus, it is good to conclude that solved papers are the best and authentic source of upgrading yourself.

Aware you of the trending questions:


Competitive exams are undoubtedly filled with dilemmas. No matter how much you revise a sort of ambiguity will always chase you. Now solving previous questions papers actually help you prepare the trending questions.

For example, you will get the up gradation on the topics like electricity, electromagnetic waves, gravitation, kinetics, physical world, oscillation, etc. Once you eye out the topics, just match the question papers relatable to the topics.

Now, you can speculate the frequency of each of the questions. In addition to that, you can also have the knowledge about the trending ones as well.

Understanding of the exam nature:

Questions of the competitive exams are dynamic. At times, they are constant, while changes may be seen as well. That is why you need to keep a tab on the subtle differences.

For example, you can see that the question of the previous year was based on facts. While the current ones emphasize on concepts. Now, once you nurture the questions of the previous years, you not only get to grab the style. Also, you come to know about the combinations of questions. This support you to pick out the easy and intricate ones at a glance during the examination. Thus, you will agree to go through the AIIMS previous year solved question papers.

Thus, the previous question paper consists of these attributes. Review these bullets to comprehend the significance of solved question papers. Hope this will motivate you at the best.