Car collectors all over the world all value a pristine classic car that is fitted with all its original parts and accessories, but that doesn’t mean they also ignore the latest car trends. Just like in the world of beauty and fashion, cars come with different accessories and upgrades that are considered in with the trend. For those who want to stay on trend, it is a must to follow what the expert recommended or risk falling behind everyone else.

As for the year 2019, these are the biggest and latest trends in the automobile industry that has everyone talking:

Trend #1: Black Alloy Rims

Traditionally speaking, alloy rims for Mercedes Benz usually come in sleek silver that shine and glisten under the sun. Make no mistake that silver alloy rims are still popular to this day, but as of 2019 more and more luxury and classic car brands are fitting their vehicles with black alloy rims.

The black alloys are best used for SUVs and sports cars, but its elegant sheen is the perfect addition to any vehicle that wants to be seen and noticed.

Trend #2: Rims With A Multi-Spoke Design

Over the last five or so years, rims with a spoke design have dominated the open road, but in the year 2019 car owners and manufacturers are taking the trend a little further. While it is still commonplace to see vehicles with five or six spokes on its rims, it cannot compete with the 9-spoke design. These newly released alloy rims with the nine spoke design are guaranteed to add a sporty touch to any typical vehicle ensuring it stands out and makes a bold statement.

Trend #3: Floral-Inspired Rims

For those who want to really be on top of the trend, there’s no need to look further than the rims for Mercedes Benz that are floral-inspired. These alloy rims mimic the shape of a flower but do not at all look weak, cars with this type of rims tend to look more sophisticated and trendy because it gives those who see and notice the rims something to talk about. These floral-inspired rims have a stunning look that will capture everyone’s attention right away.

Trend #4: Bold Rims Offer Bold Statements

Catering towards the younger generation, bold alloy rims are something worth look into. Their masculine features are the complete opposite of the floral rims but are just attractive and bold. These larger than life rims are reminiscent of armored vehicles making any normal car look formidable.

Trend #5: High-Tech And Increased Safety

The technology inside vehicles has become one in today’s need for higher and better safety-ratings. A trend for 2019 that will not fade anytime soon is the addition of more tech that enhances the safety of the vehicle. Everything from lane-keeping assist to the automatic emergency brake function is in high demand today and will continue to be the biggest trends moving forward.

Choose the latest car wheels and accessories for your Mercedes Benz and always be on trend every year starting this 2019.

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