How old is your Computer equipment

In fact, the age of your equipment is an extremely important factor that many overlook. Just like cars, many of which know that they will generally travel up to 250,000 to 400,000 km and then start to have major problems, a computer has a measurable and predictable lifespan in years. Depending on the quality of the computer originally purchased, this lifespan is between 3 and 7 years. The more expensive a computer is originally, the longer it will last because buying a “professional” computer rather than a consumer” computer will result in a longer lifespan. So why do computers have a lifespan? Shouldn’t they last until the computer stops working?

Processing Power – Over time, software vendors and suppliers of computer components update their products, including the operating system. Computers and websites are becoming more and more complex to respond to the evolution of visual and interactive characteristics. These updates will require Laptop repair Orlando  more computing power to function properly.

Laptop repair OrlandoOutdated and incompatible software – A computer can only update its own operating system, and when a brand new version is released, your computer will not be able to use it. Without the new operating system, your computer will be much more vulnerable to computer virus attacks, and many new software and even websites simply will not work (that is, will be incompatible).

Frequent faults – Electronics have the “gift” of breaking down without warning. In most cases, there is no specific “cause” to identify. While this can happen even to a brand new computer, the older the computer, the more likely the electronics will break down. Hard drives are the weakest link in a computer, and each year the risk of failure increases exponentially.

Durability – Inexpensive computers are because the savings are made in the way they are made. The use of inexpensive materials leads to computers that can literally fall apart after just a few years of normal use. Inexpensive computers also have less efficient cooling systems which can lead to recurring failures after a few years instead of lasting 5 to 7 years as is the case with quality computers. Taking into consideration the above factors that affect the life of a computer, we find that the “total cost of ownership” (TCO) is roughly similar for the two types of computer range by relating it at a cost “per year”. A cheap 400 € computer should last 3 to 5 years, which is around 100 € per year. A 600 € professional computer should last 5 to 7 years, which is also equivalent to around 100 € per year. The important difference is that the € 600 premium computer will perform better (performance) and more reliably (less breakdown) during the period of use, which equates  Laptop repair Orlando  to more productivity and less frustration, two things than anything the world appreciates!