Scandinavian style and huge interior designs have swept the world over with a unique look lauded in our favorite interior design journals and blogs. With an emphasis on minimalism, simplicity, and comfort, this design trend originated in the 1950s has added a reverence for good craftsmanship and elegance in households. Here we present a quick guide on creating fabulous Scandinavian Interior design Singapore for your home, but before getting into that, let’s try to understand what we mean by Scandinavian Interior Design.

What Is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic technique wielding a mix of textures and soft tints to make elegant, contemporary décor feel cozy and enticing. It gives prominence to clean lines, utility, and modest furnishings that are usable, luxurious, and cozy.

How To Create Fabulous Scandinavian Interior Design?

Play With Lighting

The way lighting is incorporated in interior design is crucial to basic Scandinavian design. When planning a Scandinavian interior, it is essential to have various types of lighting. Not only to help cast a relaxed, welcoming feeling but for mood-building connotations as well! Layered lighting can enhance the decor as well. A calm pendant overhead, reading lighting, table, and floor lamps—these are all crucial in Scandi designs for that extra bit of coziness and visibility.

Bring Nature Inside

Scandinavians have a distinct and hard-earned reverence for nature because, historically, natural reserves in Scandinavian countries were limited. Hence, nature is a significant influence on the interior. You can praise nature as a Scandinavian design principle by embodying natural components, such as light and bright wood, nature-inspired sculptural elements, house plants, natural materials, and upholstery in your home decor. 

Make it As Cozy As Possible 

Speaking of hygge, a Danish word that somewhat translates to cozy togetherness significantly influences their design. Scandinavians take comfort and coziness seriously, and that’s reflected in the way they adorn and what types of equipment they employ. To incorporate hygge:

  • Put in elements that remind you of zeal and comfort, such as aromatic candles, soft blankets, and slippers.
  • If you have a fireplace, make this a central point for a gathering.
  • Remember, hygge is all about comfort and pleasure, so add personal touches that make you comfortable.

Focus On Minimalism

Scandinavian interior design is intended with a “less is more” mantra. Denoted by its minimalism, absence of visual clutter, and deliberate placement of featured elements. The Scandinavian design banks on a few flawless pieces to connect a complete design. Quality is always given more importance than quantity when it comes to Scandi interiors. At its best, the Scandinavian style emphasis is on woods, handmade ceramics, and wool floor rugs.

To Sum Up

Nothing is changeless in the interior design world. Scandinavian interior design Singapore has progressed over the years to accommodate alterations in culture and tastes. By incorporating these top 4  elements as a guide, you too can design a space that embodies the simplicity, utility, and beauty of the Scandinavian interior design.