When it comes to the naming of the compound, every region of the globe uses different names and different methods to identify the compound. Due to this, when people of all the regions meet up, it is becoming a difficult task people themselves to identify and recognize the same compound. Due to the difficulties in analyzing the compound, the International standards have seen to it that all the regions of the world use the same name for identification of the compound. This practice is known as the nomenclature of the compound.

Following the International standards of nomenclature, the compound CaTiO3 is termed as calcium; oxygen(2-); titanium(4+) and it has been made a rule that every single person should identify the compound by this particular name itself. Though the rules are strict enough, the world has seen enough deviation from the rules as people started calling this particular compound with various names such as calcium titanate which is the most popular among the people today. It is also called as the calcium titanium trioxide by some people, calcium titanium oxide, and titanium calcium oxide by many other people as well.

calcium titanate

  • Synthesis of the compound:
    The compound is generally prepared using CaO and TiO2 using very high temperatures which are greater than 1300 degrees Celsius as well. But due to the difficulty faced in reaching the higher temperatures, these days the sol- gel process is being used in the synthesis of the compound calcium titanate. In fact, this process is found to give better results as this is giving a pure form of the substance thereby reducing the cost of purification and also the tedious methods that have to be employed to purify the substance. It is also found that the compounds synthesized by this process are comparatively more compressible and the density of the compound is much more close and appropriate to the estimated theoretical density as such.
  • Application of Calcium titanium trioxide in the industry or the field:
    Though this compound is regarded as the one with the least importance, the compound has seen a greater deal of application when it comes to industries and industrial application as such. The compound has found scope for its wide range of uses in the industry.  High purity and high quality calcium titanium trioxide in its nanopowder state forms should be considered for industry. Titanate compounds have various applications including electronics, ceramics, and batteries. all this is possible due to the titanium oxide compound that is present. Researchers, nanofiber mat made out of zinc titanate that can filter out sulfur impurities from petroleum-based fuels more effectively that many other existing processes with better technology and lower costs has been created.