best craniotomy surgery in India

What is craniotomy? It is a form of cut that does open up the cranium. Here in this form of surgery a portion of the skull that goes by the name of a bone scalp is removed. Then it does help to access the brain underneath. Here the bone flap is being replaced once the procedure is over with screws and plates.

This surgery could be large or small considering the problem in question. During various surgical procedures it could be undertaken or any form of infection along with surgical issues. It all depends upon the surgery and for sure it is going to boil down to a few days in the hospital. This could range from a few days to a few weeks as well.

Many types of craniotomies are there and this is named as per the skull area which is to be removed. Here the bone flap is being removed and if you do not go on to replace it then it is not a craniotomy. There are also named as per their complexity along with size. The small sized ones are known as blur holes. Since they are different types of surgeries, you could go on to ask your nuero surgeon at which area of skin incision he is planning whereby the amount of bone removal that he is planning.

Normally this surgeon is being performed by a neuro surgeon who does go on to require some additional form of training in skull surgery. They do work hand in glove with various other surgeons. If the surgery is complex you can ask the surgeon about the experience in the same.

 best craniotomy surgery in India

Before the surgery you would need to undergo a series of tests. Blood or Chest X ray tests are common. This is performed several days before the surgery. At this hospital you will be provided with consent forms whereby a complete paper works about the medical history of the patient. This is going to include information about the medicines and previous surgeries. It is possible that you may plan to donate blood a few days before the surgery. It is also suggested that you discontinue all form of medicines a few days before the surgery. It is suggested that you refrain from smoking or drinking a few days before this surgery as this is going to lead to various bleeding problems.

The best craniotomy surgery in India is popular and there is a valid reason behind it. Once the surgery is over you are taken to the room and your general condition is being monitored. The breathing tube is still in place before you go on to recover from the dose of anaesthesia.  You might also be transferred to NSICU for monitoring and close observation. Then it is suggested that you might be asked to remove your arms, legs and hand.

The chances of nausea are pretty common once the surgery is over as well. Though medication could eradicate all the problems.