Why CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication And Production Still Matters

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production may not be something that people will bother these days thanks to the many means to transfer files. Sure for the newer files that you create with your smartphones and other newer devices you probably don’t want to bother transferring it in a CD or DVD or Blu-Ray for that matter because you can’t really share it easily or carry it around with you all the time.

Although such replication and production are possible for your new data, it was targeting a different audience as far as usability is concerned. Sure you got the cloud now where you store almost everything but before you even close your eyes to these types of medium and dismiss it as nothing but garbage, there is still a place for it in the world and if you want your opinion to be challenged, read further below. 

It’s a preference: As mentioned, these things aren’t for everybody, but there are people that prefer these types of things. It’s not just for the older generation but also for the people that want to have a tangible item that they can organize physically, hold and play in the CD player once in a while. If you tried playing DVDs before, its way different than just buying digital copies. Playing it on a CD offers a unique experience especially if what you are having are personal memories that you hold dear to your heart. 

  • Like your kid’s birthday
  • Like our last Christmas spent in your old house
  • Like our kid’s first few steps
  • Like your birthday gift presented and so on 


Its still prefers professionally as well: Video sharing and other data sharing is pretty common over the internet these days and that is because it’s pretty easy. Now you see a video resume an even a whole video and photos of the wedding being sent out to the customers through the cloud or through just a hard drive. But is there something appealing about it?

  • If you are a wedding photographer would you exclusively send out virtually copies only? Rather than placing a few videos in the cd and printing the photos and place it in a nice wooden box for the couple to experience?
  • If you’re looking for a job would you prefer to just tell your interviewer that doesn’t know you to follow the link from your resume that’s on paper? Give them a CD copy instead to make it way easier and memorable. 

CD players still aren’t extinct: CD players aren’t extinct and it will take a long time before such technologies will be erased. Laptops will have CD players, cars are still offering CD players, DVD players are still a thing and Blu-Rays are still being rented. It’s still widely accepted, why? Its because admit it or not and notice it or not, people will still prefer tangible items. Sure it’s not convenient but it does put the data that was stored as a collectible, something that can’t be said with digital copies stored in the cloud or even your phone.

Like it or not or whether you have mixed emotions over it whether it should remain or not, the fact of the matter is that many people still prefer it because its a tangible item. If people find it as a nuisance it shouldn’t be even made today will all the technology that can easily share and transfer files from one device to the other. But people still used such medium like CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, because it matters. Visit http://implant.com.au/ for more details.