Vacuum cleaners are a boon for all homemakers. With the advancement of vacuum cleaners, you need not worry about using a broom to clean floors, scattering dust everywhere. You can learn more about the parts of vacuum cleaners from wholesale cleaning suppliers.

Vacuum cleaners have a history of a hundred years. With time, they have become so popular that now, almost every household owns one. And why not, when there are so many uses of this versatile machine in so many ways. Vacuum cleaners have replaced traditional methods of cleaning.

What are the Types

The first vacuum cleaners were manufactured in the 1860s, but they were mostly manual designs. The motorized designs started to appear after the 20th century. The earliest models were: Powered, Domestic and Manual.

  • Powered- The powered vacuum cleaners did not use the suction technology. They simply used to blow air to clear away the dust instead of sucking the dust inside.
  • Domestic- These models of vacuum cleaners started to use motors and fans to suck the dust inside a bag. Portable electric vacuum cleaners started emerging around early 20th
  • Manual- These are the earliest prototypes of vacuum cleaners. They were bulky and not so easy to operate. They were basically designed from car sweepers.

Due to advancement in technology, you can find a variety of modern vacuum cleaners in the market based on your choice. The wholesale cleaning suppliers can provide you with many such cleaning solutions.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaners- These are the most commonly used vacuum cleaners. Apart from cleaning floors, you can use it to clean your car. The best feature of this design is that you can use it to clean spaces which are difficult to reach otherwise.
  • Upright vacuum cleaners- These types of vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular choices these days. You can easily clean your floors and they come in many designs and types based on your requirement.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners- These types of vacuum cleaners are a revolution in the industry. They operate on their own and require very little effort on your part.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners- The canister vacuum cleaners are very flexible to use. You can use different attachments for different cleaning purposes. They almost look similar to upright vacuum cleaners except the fact that the motor and dust collector units are separately placed.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners- As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners are slender and slim. You can use them to clean corners and carpets, rugs etc. Due to their flexible design, you can easily put them away.

There are many models and designs of vacuum cleaners available in the market. You need to choose an appliance based on your requirement.