If you desire to get a sharp cinematic image with realistic color, odyssey MK-94 is what you are missing. It produces super bright images at an optimal of 4500 lumens to ensure you enjoy every bit of the viewing experience. This unit is specially designed and pre-calibrated to offer picture presets and crisp at high resolutions of 1080p. The projector delivers more balanced and natural color options in different modes to make your experience the best.

What Is Odyssey MK-94 Projector

Odyssey MK-94 is one of the best alternatives to odyssey cinema NR-90speakers. It’s one of the best ultra-short-throw Odyssey models that can be used in the place of your subwoofer, TV, and Soundbar combined. It’s advanced design and feature-enrichment ensures it can create incredibly huge pictures without compromising on the picture quality and clarity.

What Can It Be Used For

Odyssey MK-94 has extremely sharp image quality and low resolution. It can project images with fantastic sharpness in normal distance settings.   It works fine in both properly lit and poorly lit conditions. That means you can use both outdoors during the day and indoors at night.

 Odyssey MK-94’s Key Features and Benefits

It’s a full 1080 HDTV projector with a high contrast ratio of 45,000-1. MK-94 will extract the content of your TV shows and favorite films directly from your TV, computer, laptop or even DVD and project it into something larger and more visible. The quality of the projected content won’t be affected since it projects in a high 1080 HDTV resolution at extremely high brightness levels of 45,000.

It is compatible with both old and modern devices. Having this projector means that you can project almost everything right from your TV, computer and even TV as long as the devices are HD and 3D compatible.

It has great procession resolution speed. The projector is capable of processing high-quality videos at extremely high speeds of 1920 x 1080p.

It can efficiently project on to large screens. When you have this projector, you can project your favorite films and shows to large screens of up to 250 inches. Since it is a high-end model that incorporates the latest in the picture projection technology, you can be sure that the picture clarity and quality won’t be affected no matter how big the screen your video and shows are projected to is.

Incorporates a built-in NTSC tuner and wireless IR remote control. This means that it can receive signals from analog devices as well as wireless devices.


You have decided to invest in a high-grade projector for your home but don’t know where to start and how to go about it. Odyssey MK-94 is an excellent modern projection unit that promises to change your home entertainment experiences. It will get your films, and TV shows pictures enlarged to increase viewing pleasure.  The clarity and quality of the images will be enhanced to ensure that you can get more life-like theater cinema watching experiences. Order one of the MK-94 projects and start reaping the benefits early.