Now theapparatus setup is not only available with the lights of theclubs and the discos. The lights are going to chase your dreams even in the utter darkness. The awesome toilets from harneymfg are there to relax you in every manner. The illuminated products of the lights from harneymfg can drive one crazy with theexotic beauty. The illuminated system comes in many varieties. The varieties in thecolor pattern will really make you feel like purchasing right now!


The designs and the remodelingpatterncan be helpful one to bring vast changes with much precision. The unique designs brought about in this field must be according to the needs and preferences of the customers.

The changes in the looks of the walls can be brought by the wallpapers, tiling, paintings and many other mosaic designs. The company sells only handpicked collections that can make the bathrooms and the toilets extremely beautiful. The bathrooms are laden with the finest showers to tubs which are blended with elegance and also give them perfect industrial looks.

The technological developments in the sanitation pattern have made a significant growth in the products that are being sold by the company. The fittings that are required by these installations too does not cost too much. If deeply analyzed, such bathrooms can be the best one to suit the needs of the common people.



Thebathroom toilet seats that comprises of both the bathroom and the toilet are fitted into the interior portion which can lit up the toilet bowl in such an awesome manner that it can make the room look gorgeous. Most of the toilets that are made with the same concept often consumemuch power and go totally into wastage but such discrepancies were not found in those fromharneymfg.

Here is a list of the toilet light setup, you can choose from.

  1. LED Toilet Bowl Light

This system is made with the objective of warming up the seat to the best limit to makeit a comfortable one for the user. The LED lights get illuminated by the astonishing bulbs that are fitted inside the toilet seat.

  1. Illumine bowl toilet night light

This toilet bowl is activated by the motion of the light sensor. It detects any entity that comes within the proximity of the toilet. When it senses a person entering it automatically gets switched on, the illumination power is the best in this device because it lights up the toilet bowl wholly. The lights in this set up come mostly in the colors like blue, violet, orange and white. The adjustment of the colors can be made according to the choice of the user by means of a switch. The alumnibowl is waterproof in nature and hence can last up to eleven years without any replacement of the parts. The device is very helpful to guide you the ways to the toilet without disturbing the others at home.

  1. Toilet Bowl Night Light

This is yet another variety of the system. The bowl is built in such a fashion that the lid regulates the intensity of the lights. The light is visible with the water that glows and hence makes the environment a beautiful one.

  1. Toilet seat light blue

This is yet another beautiful one of its kind because it lights up the toilet area in a hue of blue color. The power supply comes from the interior surface of the bowl container. Theblue hue is a mostpleasingexperience to many and hence this particular toilet is one of the most demanded ones. Theblue light comes from the blue light bulb that is fixed to illuminate the whole room. This is one of the most pleasantcolors in comparison to red or green.

So, we can see that how each oneof the toilet facilities is so advanced with the different color patterns that bring an attractive texture to the toilet. The awesome ideas of some of the best manufacturers have made such a toilet facility too comfortable to go with at any time of the day and especially the night. So, why are you waiting? Just grab the one that suits you thebest. May you have an enjoyable potty session.