Learning how to read smart and take good notes will make the reading a whole lot easier, faster, and much more fun. Whether you are reading from a novel, a magazine, or from an online news portal publishing articles about the happenings in the current society – https://www.chinausfocus.com/foreign-policy/, it may be a local or international language – having a reliable source and a good way on how to better understand what you are reading is  essential to keep you going.

  • Reading on a smart way
    • Remove the distractions – getting distracted while you read is very difficult especially because your attention is being divided. A nice, comfortable location may help to have a distraction-free space for reading.
    • Skim first on the context of the article and then read. Do not worry too much about the ending for yourself if you are reading something difficult. Skimming helps you as a reader to get a sense of the story, the characters, and the tone of the reading, so you’ll know what to focus on as you read more.
    • Picture out what you are reading. Whether it be a story from your favorite novel or a news update of a current event, imagine yourself as the director or anchor of what you are reading. This will help you remember and understand what you are reading a lot better.
    • Look out at the context for any words, locations, or ideas that you do not recognize or you are not so much familiar with. Context clues may help you figure out things by yourself but taking a minute to learn from any references would always be a good idea as it will also make reading much easier to understand.
    • Take breaks. Save enough time to do your reading so you can complete it and take frequent breaks. You may take minutes of reading and then have 15 minutes of do other kinds of work to give your mind a rest and let yourself focus on other things for a while. Come back when you are ready for more.
  • Taking down notes about the context
    • Mark the text from what you are reading. You may highlight important events, ideas, or concepts, write questions in the margin, or underline the things you think are interesting. Do not be afraid to mark a lot on your text while you read, as this might even make you a more active reader. See if the technique works for you as well.
    • Start taking one page at a time if you happen to find yourself reading something difficult and often wanting to go back to get something missed. Then , write a few sentences of summary about the page of what you are reading, whether a novel or an article online.
    • Write down the questions that you have about what you read if you find something that confuses you. This style may give you a good series of questions to ask later on after you finished reading the whole context.

Novels and a lot of articles published online, https://www.chinausfocus.com/tags/trade-war/, can give you what you are looking for. Your interests can be found over anywhere, you will just have to be patient on looking what serves the best reading deals for your needs.