Have you been feeling severe back pain from the last few weeks? Have your doctor scanned and found posterior baby inside your womb? Do not worry. Relax and find out with us what could save you from spending longer hours in the labour room so that you could give birth to a normal child.

What does sunny side up baby mean?

A posterior baby or sunny side up birthis when the baby’s head is against the mother’s back. Is it common to have a posterior baby? Usually, it depends on multiple things. If you are first time mother, the percentage of posterior is higher that those who are giving birth for the second or third time. Also, many reports have mentioned that babies have a tendency to turn inside the womb and become sunny side up when labour starts, but only 4 to 10 percent of them stays posterior till birth. Those who are posterior till birth causes severe lower back pain to the mothers, and spend longer hours inside the labour room. For a safe delivery, posterior babies are turned manually by the gynaecologist and health care providers.

If your doctor has found out that you would probably be going for a sunny side up birth, try a few of these exercises to prevent that. Though doctors often ask expecting mothers to be active while pregnancy as sedentary lifestyle may cause several difficulty in pregnancy and birth, a little exercisewon’t harm.

Throughout the globe doctors have found brisk walking for half an hour to 45 minutes are helpful for a hassle free pregnancy and less painful labour. Walking keeps your hip bone and pelvic area flexible and active, preventing the baby from turning onto posterior position. Even if they have turned inside, walking would help them to again come back in the normal position.

With this, turning a posterior baby naturally is possible by crawling or sleeping sideways. While crawling reduces the weight of the baby from the back, by sleeping sideways you will create a space for the baby to rotate. Crawling literally on your knees and arms reduces extreme pain that women mostly suffer during their second and third trimester. If not turning your posterior baby, crawling could save from the pain, and increasing blood pressure. So try that.

Another easy and safe option to keep your pregnancy free of all the hassles and birth issues is practicing yoga. Yoga is suggested to expecting mothers to loosen their body, relax the minds, and make them stress- free. Pregnancy can lead to several hormonal ups and downs, and regular practice of yoga suggested by a trainer those are safe for expecting mothers, relives them altogether.

Hope all these would help you deliver a healthy baby. Posterior baby is not a myth or no difficult thing that the medical science cannot treat. While we have shared some natural remedies to stay well during pregnancy, doctors are always there to guide you better. If you find it difficult to follow any of these methods, do not continue anymore.