Importance of keepsakes

Scientists from time-immemorial have been picking their brains on how to create time travel vessels but to no avail. The answer has however been in front of our faces all along in keepsakes. Keepsakes have the ability to take us all back in time to memories almost forgotten, reliving them ever so often. People value different things but best keepsake ideas memories remain high up on the list, especially of happy times or unforgettable moments.Keepsakes have the ability to create deep connections between individuals especially family members and friends. Mothers today are drawn to getting their  belly bump molded in plaster, a process referred to as belly casting to hold on to the memory of having their children inside them. It reminds them of the deep connection they felt with their baby growing, a memory many like to hold on to. We also see many parents preserving baby hand and feet prints in inkless baby footprint kit mold to remind them of how tiny their fingers and toes were at some point.

Some families preserve decades of traditions and cultures by passing them down from one generation to another. One might never have met great-grandma Ruthy but the ring that has been passed down in the family best keepsake ideas is treasured and used to keep her memory alive forever.

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These traditions unite families inkless baby footprint kit. A norm among travelers is to carry with them a piece of every place they have traveled to be reminded of the time they spent there. It’s not uncommon to see a person who has been to Paris with a miniature Eiffel Tower or a magnet of the same in their house, same applies to Africa and their beading and unique attire. People also collect such things as postcards, stamps as well as letters as they keep the memories alive.

Married couples do the best to keep the memories of their wedding day and honeymoon in pictures, videos as well as carrying the sands of their destination in glass forever. As you have observed, best keepsake ideas can be expensive or cheap but people hardly seek them for their monetary value. People hold on to them long after death as they make us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. They evoke feelings of pride and belonging. There’s a story behind every keepsake that evokes powerful emotions and comfort to some extent inkless baby footprint kit. Collecting keepsakes has been referred to by others as hoarding depending on the extent and volume collected.  While non-collectors might generally think of the whole thing as holding on to material possessions, having something tangible apart from the memory to hold on enables us to relive the moments more satisfied.