It is the art that is related to unique way of creating something that is the process of bringing out something special, unique and best quality items or samples. Here we are talking about the rapid prototyping system that is said to be the new and very powerful revolutionary technology that is having the process of wide range of applications. It is now said to be the most important part of process of designing system that is quiet beneficial for the reduction of project cost and risk. The importance of rapid prototyping has proved to be the best that allows the use of various types of materials (metal and plastic) for developing prototypes. There are many uses that one can have from this system. It can be used for checking form, fit and functions of any prototypes. The parts are used for the visual inspection and master for secondary manufacturing processes for the various stages for the development of the product.

Rapid prototyping is having the process that can be used in consumer products, casting toy, medical and biomedical fields. It is used as the most important tool for engineering, manufacturing and designing. Rapid prototyping is also known as the powerful tool for producing the parts without molding, casting or machining. It is the general name given to the host of technologies that is rapid prototyping. It has the process that is having unique methods that bond the materials in layers in order to get particular object. The process provides many good advantages in digital fabrication.The special thing about this system is that there is no need of having any assembling or need any setup. There is no complicated process that is involved in automated freeform fabrication. The objects that are formed by this digital fabrication are geometrical complexity.

It is having very fast process for the complexion of objects that is manageable and straightforward. There are several reasons for using the rapid prototyping. It helps in increasing the production; reduce the development time, increases valuable communication and also helps in supporting engineering changes.There are lots of advantages that you can have from rapid prototyping.There is very less preparation that is required in this process, easy to employ, helps in avoiding the cost, provides more design iterations, easy to check physical models reduction in the cost, improved visual capabilitiesand also provides the best idea for of the final look of the product. You can also have the advantage of increasing the speed of system development.

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