Commercial Security

What makes commercial security necessary for any business

Businesses need to utilize all of the security services that they can in order to protect their investments and to protect the longevity of their business. There are tons of ways that businesses can be attacked. From internet attacks, data breaches, and brick-and-mortar burglary or structural fires, there are many ways that businesses can be subjected to the dangers of bad actors. Luckily, for all of the sorts of ways that businesses are susceptible to such dangers, there are just as many methods of security for them to undertake. Some of these commercial security measures include:

–         Intrusion Detection

–         Video Surveillance

Intrusion Detection

When a business decides to begin implementing necessary commercial security systems, they will usually begin with intrusion detection systems. Intrusion detection systems help to prevent intrusion by utilizing motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts, and any other necessary and useful forms of electronic security devices from a slew of different security product manufacturers. Intrusion security decisions also use alarm systems that alert the service providers who can then take actions to further protect the business, whether that means alerting the fire department or the police department prior to reaching out to the business owner regarding the incident at hand. Intrusion detection is a great idea for any business because it gives the business owner the peace of mind of knowing that where ever they are located, whether in the business at the time of the incident or miles away, the business’s good and the occupants are safe with alarm systems that alert local authorities, the business owner, and the intruder to the protection systems that are in place to hopefully deter the intruder from furthering their crime, in turn protecting the business’s goods and the occupants inside. Coupled with video surveillance systems, it is a must-have for any business owner.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most popular forms of commercial security for an obvious reason: real-time viewing of one’s business from any remote location which backs up the footage onto a private, online server. Gaining visibility into one’s business can be a challenge, especially considering how many locations a business might have. Video surveillance can offer a number of benefits, including serving as a crime deterrent, since the presence of many cameras would surely be off-putting to any potential wrong-doer, in addition to operating as a key method to capture and document any security-related event on the business’s premises. Video surveillance systems are critical features of a comprehensive and successful security strategy, and it is clear why so many different businesses are keen on implementing them. Whether a business needs traditional local closed-circuit video surveillance or cutting-edge systems with cloud-based storage options, there are tons of ways for businesses to make great use of video surveillance, whether that means video monitoring, video alarm verifications, live remote video viewing from any location, video monitoring with advanced analytics and reporting, or video integration with access control, video surveillance is the perfect security option, no matter the type of business that is implementing it.