One of the best film directors, screenwriters, and producers of the Telugu movie industry is Ram Gopal Varma. Trought the years, he brought a lot of amazing masterpieces to the audience, and everyone can agree that his films are fantastic. Just because of that, we were looking for his top three best movies you can watch here. His movies are particular and authentic, not talking usually about love. He will educate you and show you a lot of stuff on different topics such as politics, criminal, and so on.

No matter what type and genre of movies you like, these stories will move you and make you want to watch them over and over. Some of them were based on true story events, and that is making these movies even more exciting. Do not worry, and you can stream them and watch them as many times as you want right here. Let us get to the top three list!


Durga is a young man who is mean to be married to Anitha. They both are in love and are ready to settle down and have a family together. But things will get changed after Durga’s brother was killed by Guru, the local criminal guy who is trying to win over town’s mafia. Durga wants to get revenge, but Anitha does not approve that style of life. Instead of marrying Durga, she will say yes to someone else. Will, her husband, be Durga’s enemy or friend, and will he get his revenge? You can watch it here and find out.

Killing Veerappan

The movie talks about a forest veteran called Veerappan, who is a massive problem for the governments. Hi killed around 184 people, and almost half of them were cops, he did a lot of crime, including stealing money, dealing with elephants, and more. He even formed his little army, and they belive in the same things he does. But will Police catch him after so many crimes and mysteries he did all by himself and his powerful dark mind? Watch here and find out.

Kshana Kshanam

Narayana broke into a bank and stole around one million dollars for his boss called Nayar. Police soon found out and started chasing him and his group, but one of the criminals and one of the cops ended up dead. Narayana is trying to save himself in so many ways while escaping. Nayar, his boss, is trying to find him with his crew, and they did it in Narayana’s brother studio for pictures. Before he got caught, he made a photo with a clue where money was hidden. And there comes Satya, a working girl who is trying to find the money. Before Narayana died because he was tortured, he told his brother the truth. But will the fact stay untold forever?

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