Keeping the house clean is very important to enhance the beauty of the house. Whether the house is small or large, cleanliness is essential.  You can use different types of cleaning kits or liquids available in different super shops or markets for floor cleaning, electronics appliances, wooden furniture cleaning. If you want to be more worry-free, you can order part time cleaning services singapore.

When cleaning the microwave, put a few pieces of lemon peel in a bowl and leave it on the microwave for 5 minutes to remove the odour inside. The smell will go away.

  • To clean windows and glass, mix vinegar with water and brush. Stains and dirt will go away. The glass will also shine.
  • To clean the sink or basin, mix one teaspoon of salt with lukewarm water and wipe with a thin cloth. The yellow or oily sticky feeling will go away.
  • You can clean stainless steel items or furniture with water mixed with detergent to get rid of rust.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa well. Keep sofa cushions and covers clean regularly.
  • To clean the stove, open each part of the inside of the stove separately and soak it in hot water for a while. It will be convenient to clean. Also, keep the area around the stove clean every day after cooking.

  • Use a microfiber cloth to keep the floor clean, as it removes dirt easily. There are also various micro-fibre brushes available in the market, you can clean the floor with them if you want.
  • To clean the mirror, make a paper wrinkle like a ball. Sprinkle water on the mirror with a sprayer, then wipe with wrinkled paper. Then wipe again with dry paper.
  • Use mats on the table to keep the dining table clean. If it is a wooden dining table, spray it with olive oil and lemon juice and wipe it well with a thin cloth, hard stains will be removed.
  • If the various fittings in the bathroom are not cleaned regularly, hard stains will fall off. For this, apply a little baking soda on a toothbrush and rub well. Then leave it for 15-20 minutes and clean it with water.

These are few tips to keep the house clean and following these will surely show good results but doing it regularly is a bit difficult for working people and there won’t be much time and for such people, there are many services which offer cleaning works. But before you hire people for these works makes sure they are good at work by looking at reviews because once you hire and give money you won’t get back your money again even if you are not satisfied with their works.