A welfare association is defined as a fund-raising organization which helps in needy, as there is a saying that “help the needy” we should help the people who are in need of many ways by raising funds and organizing the welfare association. There are many charitable trust who help the poor who are in need of food, shelter, and children who need parental assistance and also elderly people who need nursing and many more ways. By giving financial assistance like cash donations for charities singapore, we can help the poor for food and shelter.

By running the charitable organizations, we can earn many people’s heart as the chain goes like if you help someone, someone helps you in other way. As this chain goes by humanity in every person increases and as a result everybody would be helped at the time of need.

These charitable trusts are non-profitable organization by helping the needy.

There are many types of charitable organizations they are:

  • Animal charitable organizations are the one who donate funds for the welfare of wildlife animals so as to protect them and help their existence on this mother earth.
  • Art and culture charitable organizations are there to protect the arts and culture heritage, as they are being extinct these days.
  • Educational charitable organizations help the poor children to educate themselves and have a bright future to them ahead, as we know “today’s children are tomorrow’s nation”.
  • Environmental charitable organizations are there to protect the mother nature by planting trees, and bringing awareness among many people about mother nature and how to protect our nature from global warming and pollution.
  • Health charitable organizations are there to assist the people who need medical treatment but does not have financial support, these patients are being helped by health charitable trust.
  • Human charitable organizations are those who help all the needful in always, as they are widely organized.
  • International non-government charitable organizations are like they are confined to whole world not to one country as they raise heavy large funds to help each and every human who are in need of help.

These charitable organizations main motive is to help mankind, trees and animals on this earth as this is our mother nature on which we are living by helping in a mutual way. Donating nature is a boon to mankind, but we as human are increasing envy, selfishness and many other negative natures and suppressing the correct nature which is inbuilt in us.