People refer to mother’s milk as liquid gold and it is most essential for every newborn. It is advisable to feed the breast milk until they attain the age of at least 2 years. The mother’s milk contains all the nutrients, like protein, vitamins, fat, minerals, and carbohydrates required for the baby’s growth. It acts as the primary source for developing a healthy baby and a strong immune system. As there is so much magic in breast milk, the mothers must take care of the sufficient milk flow to fulfill the baby’s feeding needs. But many new mothers have doubts that are they producing enough milk or whether the milk supply is filling the hungry of their baby. To overcome all this self-doubt and stress, you need to do a great search to identify the best foods to increase breast milk.

The below natural foods help you increase the milk supply

  • The best source to increase the breastfeeding hormone prolactin is barley, which is rich in polysaccharides and beta-glucan. So, you can consume salads, stews, or soups by adding the whole barley to it or you can even make the barley milk using the flakes and consume them regularly like cow milk.
  • Fennel seeds help a lot in boosting up your supply. You can have them by toasting them or as raw. To add more flavor, add them with the orange grapefruit, or mint. If you are fond of non-vegetarian dishes, then pair them with roasted fish or chicken.
  • The mothers can have overnight oats with berries and fruits to thicken their breastmilk for feeding their baby.
  • Papaya with its galactagogues helps to increase the good milk supply. You can eat them raw with cereals, tutti-fruity, yogurt, or other fruits.
  • Fenugreek is rich in estrogen-like supplements and hence it is more helpful to enhance the supply. For better results, soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seed overnight in plain water, and consume it first thing in the early morning.
  • Garlic is the aromatic ingredient that provides the right option to increase milk production in mothers. You can add them to most of the ingredients and if you like to consume a lot of garlic cloves, then roast them in ghee and have it before your breakfast.

You can follow all these natural remedies to increase the supply, but it is most important to stay hydrated. When you drink an ample amount of water, you will never face any dip in the supply.