5 Ways Pets Help in Reducing Stress in People

Once you decide to pet an animal, you know you are signing up for taking care of it, and making sure it stays healthy. What you don’t know is that it works the other way round too. No, your pet isn’t bathing you, feeding you, or petting you in real sense. But it reaches out to you emotionally, and helps you dodge stress, anxiety, and all those fancy names ruining your day.

 It has rightly been said that the best therapist has fur and four legs. To add to it, the best therapist might also have wings, rabbit teeth, or paws. Also, these therapists are way cheaper! To let you know of all the good things your pet is doing for you and be grateful to it, here’s a list of goodies you get for having a pet.


They are therapeutic

A number of animals, like dogs, rabbits, cats are used in hospitals for the purpose of therapy. Besides hospitals, you would find cafés that keep animals where you can have two most naturally therapeutic things- coffee and animal! The joy of coming back to home where your pet greets you is unparalleled. No matter how bad a day has been, pets bring smiles to our faces.

They may reduce your blood pressure

It is more scientific than mere talking when it is said that having animals around reduces your blood pressure. When you communicate with your pet, your body releases hormones that help lowering blood pressure. The idea of talking to animals might seem insane, but it helps ease tension and that’s what science says.

They relax you

If you have had or have a pet, you know exactly what this means. You can never complain of being a bundle of nerves when you have your pets around. This is again science. The feel good hormones called “endorphins” that you release when you’re with pets makes you relax physically and mentally.


They can enhance human nutrition

It is said that when you have a fish tank around you while you’re eating, it motivates you to eat more. This is why many hospitals and nursing homes keep fish tanks. There was a research conducted that showed some positive results. People who were a part of the “Meals on Wheels” program ate near their pets and showed an improved eating pattern.

They enhance your overall relationships

When you’re around your pet, you are you. You don’t care what you are wearing or how you are looking. This becomes a habit and helps you to establish carefree and real relationships with human beings too. When you pet an animal, you learn taking care, nurturing, and being responsible. These characteristics help you form good relationship with close ones too.