Get National Police Check Australia Services Online

If you are looking for employment or start a new business, it’s very important for you to get the prerequisites done. Not all the employments require police or criminal history but most of the formal jobs in Australia would require a national police check. Earlier it used to be a very cumbersome task to get a police check from Australian federal police.  For Visa and Citizenship application, you still need to apply with AFP. But for employment and volunteering purposes, you are not required to approach federal police. Today, there are numerous ACIC accredited online platforms from where you can get national police check Australia.

The process

There are basically two types of applications. First belongs to Individuals, and the other to non-profit organizations and businesses. The processes are slightly different for both the applications.

  • Individual Application: To start off, you are required to make the online payment. You will get all the options for online payments. Starting from debit, credit cards to the digital wallet. Once you are done with the payment. You will get access to the ‘crime verification’ form. And, you will be asked to give digital consent. That’s the beauty of attaining national police check Australia with this medium that you don’t need to be physically present at AFP’s office. You can process your request, sitting comfortably at your home or office. Once you have filled the form and given the digital consent, you can directly submit by attaching required Identity certificates.

national police check Australia

  • Business Application: To start any business venture, a nonprofit organization in the country, you are required to prove that you do not have any criminal record. If you process your request directly through Australian federal police, you will have to go through a very tedious and complicated process. At the same, with the help of these ACIC online portals, you can get the clearance way faster, that too sitting at your home. To process your business, you need to do the same, as mentioned above for individual application. It’s just that, with the business application, you need documents to support your clearance as well as your business. These online portals do provide free consultancy if you getting any trouble arranging required documents. The portals will assist you in every possible way.

Why go for online services?

There are so many benefits if you approach these portals for police clearance. They save you a huge mental cost for you. First and foremost, this is the fastest way to get police clearance. Almost, 70 per cent of applicants get their clearance certificate within two days. Also, assistance is the key to these applications. These platforms work very closely with customers, if you have any trouble with your application, you can directly approach them. Their expertise will help you nine out of ten times.