Conference Interpreting Service

Conference translation is generally done using a method called consecutive interpreting. During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter stands next to the speaker. The announcer will pause periodically so that the consecutive interpreter can interpret the speech of the audience.

There is a shortage of qualified ASL translators in the country and this makes remote video translation one of the best ways to overcome this struggle. Finding affordable translators has never been easier.

How important are ASL translators for your company?

For many companies, it is important that sign language translators can meet their needs. Businesses with deaf employees often hold weekly meetings to keep in touch, but they may also need translators as needed. This can be a big problem if the company operates in an area where there are few certified ASL translators. This often means that meetings are rescheduled or the deaf person has to skip what is happening if there is no interpreter to assist them.

Conference Interpreting Service

Remote video translation changes everything!

Remote conference interpreting has changed this for many people. They can now use translators from across the country to provide services when needed, not just those who live close to the physical location of the business. This has helped hundreds of companies obtain their much-needed interpreting services. VRI can help with most random situations. There are several scenarios where it is still suggested to use an ASL translator in person or face to face.

Remote video translation can help deaf consumers get the services they need in more places than ever. With the internet and a simple laptop or tablet setup, you can access these skilled ASL translators virtually anywhere. These services are growing and becoming more widespread today. This is very convenient and is by far one of the most popular ways to bridge communication gaps with deaf and hard of hearing people.

Easily find ASL translators

The fact that there is a shortage of qualified American Sign Language translators in the country makes it difficult to find good translators to serve deaf and hard of hearing consumers. However, taking advantage of the flexibility that VRIs or remote video translation solutions offer greatly simplifies this process. Finding the translators you need will be easy if you know where to look. Make sure you choose a reputable company to work with, and make sure they only provide nationally certified ASL interpreters so that you have a high level of proficiency in all the interpreting services you receive.