Great Durian Puff That You Can Buy Online

With the onset of summer, people start to eat fruits as they contain essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Fruits keep water balance. People buy tropical juice online to add to their food. Fruits protect the skin from drying out; sunburn and UV rays keep the skin smooth and smooth.

Modern families have a small population; you cannot buy more fruit. In response to this demand, many supermarkets or fruit stalls cut watermelon and other large fruits into small pieces for sale. However, from a nutritional and food hygiene point of view, it is inappropriate for fruit consumers to purchase this type of fruit.

This is because the water-soluble vitamin found in fruits is one of the essential nutrients that the body needs; especially vitamin C can prevent scurvy, an antioxidant that improves immunity and other functions. While the fruit is being cut, on the one hand, part of the vitamin is lost with the loss of juice; on the other hand, the vitamin oxidizes in air, losing its nutritional value. The fruit is cut into smaller pieces, the greater the impact, the greater the loss of vitamin C and the more the nutritional value decreases. The British Consumer Association conducted a study to test the vitamin C content of prepackaged chopped fruits and vegetables found in 13 samples, with four samples having at least half the vitamin C content.

Great Durian Puff That You Can Buy Online

In addition, the integrity of the fruit is disturbed, the peel, knives, cutting board and bacteria from the air enter the pulp, in which they grow and multiply, causing the fruit to rot. If the fruit is placed at higher temperatures for a longer time, it becomes more contaminated.

Therefore, when you go shopping, try to choose whole fruits. If, after buying a whole fruit at home, you cannot eat it once, you can store the rest in the refrigerator. The steps are as follows: Thoroughly clean the skin and cutter, after cutting, immediately uses a clean plastic wrap to close it at about 4 ° C in the cold, and remove, it is best to eat within 1-2 days.

You can imagine that if you buy a mao shan wang durian puff, its nutritional value is much lower than taking it home to be sliced. We are currently focusing on health and hygiene, preferring the latter. Also, curb fruit counters can be made of bad fruit because it’s hard for us to see what they actually looked like, so even if we bring bad fruit to sell in slices, we’re also hard to spot. So, it’s better for our health to buy whole fruits at home. Thus, we can not only eat, but also maintain health.